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You have to clean this 31 things in your home immediately

These 31 things in your home needs to be cleaned immediately. For sure you haven’t cleaned them for so long time or even never. So, let’s get to work and make things like new again!

  • Dryer vent:  if the lint accumulates in this area even a fire can start. So, be careful.
  • Refrigerator coils
  • Oven door: you should clean between the glass panels of your oven door regularly in order to avoid smoke and bad odors.
  • Washer
  • Window weep holes
  • Faucet aerators: you should clean aerators when you observe that water starts to flow slow.
  • Your phone and your tv remote
  • Bath fan grill: this is very easy to clean.
  • Soffit vents
  • The trash can: It is not enough to put a garbage bag in it. You have to clean this frequently in order to keep away the germs.
  • Vinyl siding
  • Mattress and pillows: you should clean them at least once per month.
  • Garage floor
  • Car cabin filter: this is not an easy job, but it is necessary
  • Door knobs: we all touch them, that’s why you should clean them very often
  • Check your water heater every month
  • Your toothbrush: you should clean it after every use
  • Walls: it is enough if you clean them once per month in order to remove dust
  • Refrigerator: is very simple to clean your refrigerator and also very important
  • Inside closets
  • Computer keyboard
  • Deck: you should clean your deck at least twice a year
  • Outdoor lights
  • Air conditioner: air conditioners need annual cleaning
  • Garbage disposal: you should clean this in order to get rid of bad odors
  • Chimney
  • Dishwasher
  • HVAC condensate line
  • Light switches

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