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Learn How To Get Endless Hot Water Without Using Electricity

There are some days when we don’t have electricity for hours and you need worm or hot water to finish your dishes or take a shower. In this situation, we have an idea that will help you get a big amount of hot water without using any electricity.


You will need a copper coil, a stovepipe, some fire wood and cold water. This can be a good idea if you want to spend some days in the nature and don’t want to use any electricity, but you still need warm water.

An engineer has come with an idea of how to get hot water without using electricity. He can heat up the water using some copper tubing placed inside a stovepipe. The fire heats up the coil and the water that flows through the coil gets hot. It then gets dumped into the water heater.

Get a coil made of copper with holes on the other sides and place it in the stovepipe. Place some pieces of wood into the stove and start a fire. You will get about 500 degrees though the coil.

Cold water will hit the bottom of the coil and it rises up as hot water.

Be careful because you can burn yourself if you touch the wrong parts of the heater.

It’s not very fast, but it’s electricity free and the water will be hot. You need to keep the fire burning as much as you need.

Don’t forget that the water is very hot and if you touch the pipe you can burn yourself. Be careful and enjoy your hot water.

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