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Lose weight without starving with these amazing 10 food swaps

All of us wants to lose weight without starving but for some of us it is not that simple as it sounds.

But, we have here for you the best 10 food swaps recommended by a famous nutritionist which will help you to lose weight without starving anymore.


These food swaps will help you to lose weight by replacing the calorie-dense foods with whole, natural foods.

-The best 10 foods swaps:

1. Fast food lunch vs Homemade lunch

You should know that homemade meals are healthier and more consistent than fast food meals. And also, you will save some money by preparing your lunch at home.

2. Agave syrup vs Maple syrup

Agave syrup contains a lot of fructose. Fructose is a dangerous form of sugar that you should avoid.

Maple syrup is less processed and healthier for your body.

3. Chips vs Popcorn

You may know that chips contain a lot of calories fat and carbs. A bowl full of popcorn contains just 93 calories.

4. Frappuccino vs Coffee with coconut milk

Frappuccino contains about 61g of sugar per portion and this is a lot of sugar for just one coffee. You can easily swap your Frappuccino with coffee with coconut milk and also keep the great taste.

5. Correct meal portion

You probably see on social media tasty dishes served in large portion. In order to keep your body, fit you should adjust your meal portion by your own needs.

6. Fresh fruits vs Frozen fruits

You should replace your fresh fruits portion with frozen fruit portion because frozen fruits contain more essential nutrients.

7. Store bought cookies vs Homemade cookies

Is healthier for you to prepare your cookies at home.

8. Banana vs Watermelon

Banana is a calorie dense food but watermelon is a volume fruit which contains less calories.

9. Milk chocolate vs Dark chocolate

You probably know that milk chocolate contains more sugar than dark chocolate.

10. A snack vs Actual meal

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