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See What Happens If You Plant Tea Bags In Your Garden

Tea has a blissful effect on the human organism and all tea lovers can agree to this statement. Many nutritionists and health experts recommend tea for your organism, because it will revolutionize your life. We have a great idea of how to use the remaining tea bags. So don’t throw it away after drinking your tea. Read this article to find out the benefits they can bring you.


Take a tea bag and place it in your garden. It will lower the pH in the soil due to the tannic acid in the tea bag. This is also good for your plants because they will grow free of fungus.

Tannic acid found in black tea can also help you treat sunburns and they leave no scar tissue.

Black tea bags can help you with the dark circles around your eyes and you can use the tea to rinse the oral cavity and prevent infections.

You can destroy warts on your body with green day.

Another use of dry tea bags is refreshing your shoes and keep the unpleasant smell away.

Try to wash your dishes using tea bags. You can also use them to clean mirrors.

Another great use of tea bags is reducing the pain, swelling and discomfort if you had an oral surgery. It will work like a miracle!

So think twice before throwing the used tea bags away. They can be useful in ways you never thought about.

Do you know other uses of tea bags? If you do, then share them with us and let us know other secrets they bring.

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