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The Best Exercises to Reduce Hanging Belly Fat

Many people are disappointed with the way they look and try to find the best way to reduce fat. The hardest part is to get rid of the belly fat. You need to go on a diet and do lots of exercises to get rid of lower belly fat. It’s a hard task, but you need to stay focused and try to do your best.


Here are some exercises that can help you get rid of the lower belly fat.

1. Double leg lifts. Lie on your back with your palm under your head, spread the legs and raise them upwards keeping them joined at the heels. Inhale as you raise your legs and exhale as you pull your torso up from the floor and crunch your tummy. Hold for a few seconds and then lower your torso in the mat. Repeat 10 times.

2. Flutter kicks. Lie on your back with your head and shoulders lifted and extend your legs. Raise your left leg off the ground with the right leg raised a few inches of the ground. Then raise your right leg as you lower the left one. Repeat without touching the ground 6-8 times.

3. Crunches. Lie on your back with your palms under your head and lift your shoulders off the floor and slowly return to starting position. Repeat 5-10 times without resting your back on the floor.

4. Rolling Plank Exercises. Lie on your side on the mat and support your body on your right leg and right elbow. Keep the knees straight. Don’t touch the ground with your hips. Hold for 30 seconds then. Also repeat on your left side.   

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