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The most common health problems that can cause bruises on your body

Have you ever noticed that suddenly some bruises appear on your skin practically for no reason?

For sure, black ore blue bruises can occur after a trauma injury and that is perfectly normal but, if you noticed that certain bruises appear on your skin for no reason it can be a cause of concern.


Also, if you notice that one bruise persist, grows or multiplies you really have to ask for medical help.

Here you will find the most common six reason which can lead to non-injury bruises.

  • Side effects of medicines

If you take aspirin or any anticoagulant medicines you should know that as a side effects bruises can occur. Also, if you take non-steroid anti-inflammatory or corticosteroids you may expect to have bruises on your skin.

  • Blood disorders

If you have any blood disorder such as hemophilia, factor X deficiency or Leukemia bruising can be a symptom of any of these diseases.

  • Diabetes

People with diabetes usually have bruises.

  • Nutrient deficiency

Lack of vitamins such as Vitamin C or K can cause bruises. Also, deficiency of Vitamin B12 can make your blood vessels very fragile and bruises can occur very easily.

  • Changes related to age

As we grow up, our skin loses the fatty layer that protects the blood vessels and it means that bruises will occur constantly.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Bruises can be caused by high level of estrogen or low level of progesterone in your blood.

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