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This Is Most Dangerous White Poison The We Eat Every Day

We are not talking about sugar or salt, but sodium glutamate E621. This is an additive that can be found in large amount in all foods in restaurants. It is used to intensify the flavor of food.


This additive causes obesity, increased appetite and overeating. It works like a drug and penetrates in the blood and brain. It causes a change in the genes that are responsible for the sense of taste.

The world uses about 200 thousand tons of sodium glutamate in a year. An adult person cannot be harmed by 1.5 grams per day. Children should not consume more than half a gram.

You can find sodium glutamate in salami, sausages, chips, beer, prepared soups, canned food and many other products.

Some of the symptoms of E621 overdose are dizziness, visual disturbances, nausea, weakness, chest pain and others.

The discovery of sodium glutamate was made by Ikeda Kikunae, that demonstrated that this substance can enhance the natural flavor of products and improved the aroma of canned food, fast food and frozen products.

When scientists made experiments with this substance on mice, the mice lost their sight. E621 can affect your tongue receptors in time and the perception of food will worsen in time.

Sodium glutamate is the reason why we can’t stop eating junk food such as chips, snacks etc. It can cause and addiction and you will feel the need to consume more junk food. This way the producers will increase their profits.

Try to eat organic foods and cook more at home. Read the labels before buying and be careful about this poison because it can affect your health.

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